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Team tease here to fuck you up!


December 28th, 2009

Christie Luvv and Danni @ 10:25 am

Monique, Lyne and myself just came back from Florida where we were soaking up the rays and abusing slave ass crack. Lyne introduced us to her gorgeous friend Christie, you may have seen her before teaming up with Lyne in her studio. Holy shit, this girl is AMAZING. Monique and I were absolutely floored by her natural ability to dominate and tease. We snagged her for a few hours do film some total gems that are slowly trickling into the studio. Check them out, this girl was born to be a humiliatrix. betcha can't buy just one.

And then there's the woman who needs no introduction. The beautiful, sexy, muscle bound goddess Danni. If you dont know who she is I suggest you move out of whatever rock you've been hibernating under and look around. Monique and I met her for the first time in Florida. She has been a long time friend of ours online but of course meeting her in person is no comparison. Were stoked to be able to include her as yet another member of the team.


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Date:January 2nd, 2010 01:01 pm (UTC)
wow i would love to be beaten unconscious by her and then worship her and be her maid, servant,and slave forever =-o

Team tease here to fuck you up!